The last word I heard is that there is in fact another candidate forum tonight at 6:30 at the Neighborhood Community Center in Costa Mesa.

Ugh… Again

Once again, the district has thrown the baby out with the bath water. This time around, the weak leadership has decided that because some students were reported to be intoxicated at Friday night’s football game, the homecoming dance and pep rally were cancelled. So, once again everyone suffers.

This follows the pattern set awhile back with the prom draft and followed up by Dump Trump t-shirts and who knows what else.

The Daily Pilot has report that the school principal sent a memo to parents that read, in part, “However, we are struggling with a disconnect within our community where a pervasive culture exists that allows or tolerates their children to bend or break the law and violate district policies.”


Pervasive culture? Well, I can’t believe that I have to tell the principal this (more likely the entire Bear St. crowd, too, because I’m guessing that the memo needed the approval of a higher-up), but the parents of these students probably did not know they were going to go to the football game, get loaded, and do whatever they did to get the dance and rally canceled. These parents don’t tolerateĀ this behavior and I can tell you that the ones who have found out that their kids were involved in this mess are not too happy.

But instead of isolating these students and giving them the full benefit of the district’s zero tolerance policy (hah!) over attending events while smashed, everyone loses.

The message to the kids who behaved is that it doesn’t matter how much you toe the line, if someone else does something wrong, you’re going to pay the price.

The larger issue is what the heck is happening at CdM? Cheating scandal, prom draft, intoxication.. why, there’s even talk of breathalyzers.

Here’s what: The powers-that-be have done this before – they’ve used a sledge hammer to problems when they should have used a scalpel and did it get them anywhere? Nope. So instead of doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result, I suggest another approach.

Maybe one of the high-priced bureaucrats can do some research and find out the best practices of another school with similar demographics and similar challenges and use those here.

Sorry – that’s the logical thing to do… Don’t know what I was thinking.

Steve Smith