Item 17.c on the agenda for the school board club meeting on Tuesday is a request to approve a Memo of Understanding (MOU) between the N-MUSD and ONE Recovery “a non-profit, community based organization that will provide afterschool support groups, weekly parent groups, and other interventions to address maladaptive behaviors among adolescents.”

ONE Recovery will provide counseling services to students so they can avoid suspension or detention. There is no cost to the district for this service.

So far, so good.Or so it would seem.

First, ONE Recovery has either jumped the gun, or they have been told off the record that this is a done deal. How do I know this? Because their website makes a big deal out of the done deal. There’s a prominent display of an event at Corona del Mar High and an “opening” of Fall, 2016.

But how could they do this without the school board club formally ratifying the MOU? Perhaps, like the rest of us, they know that if anything makes it to the agenda for approval by the school board club, it will be rubber stamped so there’s really no need to wait. Here’s the ONE Recovery home page with the CdM announcement:

one-recovery-snipSecond, there is a problem – a big problem. Nowhere in the MOU does it state that any counseling must be performed by a certified or licensed counselor. Without this clarification, our students may be counseled by unsupervised, unlicensed adults or interns, neither of whom should be working with our kids on these very delicate matters without supervision by someone who is licensed or certified in this type of therapy. With the existing language, there is nothing that would prevent me, for example, from counseling students.

The certified or licensed qualification should have been in the MOU but since the MOU has not been approved, there is still an opportunity for one alert school board club member to pull the item for discussion and send it back to the administration to have the language clarified.

It’s just another oversight from the Keystone Kops posing as our administration.

OBTW, those poles at Estancia that were erected to prevent baseballs from hitting the ill-placed solar panels in the parking lot adjacent to the baseball field? The admin wants you to think that they were put up in part because homeowners were objecting to foul balls in their yards, but that is not true – it’s a smokescreen to hide their incompetency over their failure to place the solar panels in a protected space. The few homeowners along Joann who got a foul ball in their yard now and then did not mind – they even said so at a school board club meeting. Besides, any baseball fan knows that nearly all of those foul balls into the yards would be hit by a left-handed hitter and there are very few of those. Right-handed hitters hit the ball to where the solar panels are.

Besides, it’s ill-logical: If the homeowners were complaining about foul balls, why would they complain about nets to keep the foul balls out?

It’s a crock. The administration blew it on the solar panel location and are making taxpayers pay for their blundering. Again. And let’s not forget that the placement of the solar panels and the OK to put up huge nets was rubber stamped by the school board club, three of whom are up for re-election on November 8.

There is a school board club meeting this Tuesday at 6. Come and watch the club members try to untangle the tangle web they’ve weaved with Swun Math – it’s a hoot.

Oh, and please wear blue to support the union cause.

Steve Smith