Buried in the agenda for tomorrow night’s meeting are a few gems:

  1. The district paid – sorry, YOU paid – Shirley’s Bagels $32,400. I like bagels as much as the next guy, but $32K? Really?
  2. You paid Nicole Miller & Assoc. $80,000. They are the folks conducting the investigation into the Mariners Gold Ribbon investigation. Let’s hope that wasn’t the cost of the investigation into the accusations of “untruths” in the application for Gold Ribbon status at Mariners.
  3. Your school board club will be rubber stamping the recommended reassignment of ex-Mariners principal Laura Sacks as a “POSA” (special assignment) at CM Middle School. That agreement runs through June 17, next year. So, you may be wondering, how can the district enter into an agreement with someone who is under investigation for lying (OC Register’s term) on the Mariners’ application for Gold Ribbon status and whose responsibility¬†has yet to be determined?

Answer: They don’t care what you think, that’s how.

Steve Smith