I get stuff all the time: theories, rumors, hearsay. What I have not published here or in the Daily Pilot column I had for 15 years would make a book. Sometimes, however, reporting unconfirmed information has value.

That is the case today as I report – unconfirmed – that former Mariners principal Laura Sacks is now the assistant principal at CM Middle School or the assistant principal at CM Middle School on special assignment, whatever that means.

Limbo, that’s what it means.

Sacks has not been found responsible for anything having to do with the accusations of lying (Orange County Register term) on the Gold Ribbon application at Mariners. But if the transfer scuttlebutt is true, it would have been prudent to wait until the completion of the totally, completely, and indisputable independent investigation conducted or being conducted by an outside agency (one that has regular business with the N-MUSD, by the way).

If this information is correct it is yet another example of the poor leadership from which we have been suffering for too long. Would it have hurt anyone or anything to wait until the report was issued and exonerated Sacks? Nope.

But a funny thing happens when the school board club goes on vacation and hands over the keys to the kingdom to the Bear St. bureaucrats until they return on Aug. 23.

Stay tuned.

Steve Smith