No, I have not forgotten this blog. But the school board club is on vacation until Aug. 23 and they handed over all of the decision-making to the superintendent at the last meeting. And since he’s not about to issue an interim update on what he is doing or how he is spending your tax dollars (that’s called accountability and it’s one of the traits of an effective leader), there is not much to report.

You should know that there are residents in the area who are not on vacation and who are pushing for long overdue changes while the school board club is out. This is the most gratifying effort I have seen in a long time.

In the meantime, you can watch an interview produced by Costa Mesa brief in which three candidates for the three school board club seats up for grabs discuss a few issues, including Swun Math. Here’s the link:

We’re still waiting for that Mariners report on the Gold Ribbon application. That will be the one that does not answer the question as to whether any other schools also may have fudged their applications. That’s not the fault of the outside agency hired to investigate – they were given their marching orders and are being paid to investigate Mariners and only Mariners so that the administration and the school board club can declare that the problem was isolated, solved, all wrapped up and let’s move on to other business.

But they can’t know that because they haven’t checked into it.

As a result, there will always be a cloud over the 11 other schools that achieved Gold Ribbon status.

It would be nice if at least one member of the school board club suggested that all of the applications be reviewed but that is rocking the boat and the Bear St. bureaucracy likes things they way they are, thank you very much.

Most important is the deeper issue that will never be discussed. No one has thought to bring up the subject of how to prevent this mess from happening again. Nope, next application time it will be business as usual and the lack of oversight that was present this time will be present again.

My solution: The superintendent must approve all Gold Ribbon applications. That way, if this happens again, we know who is responsible and we can save the taxpayers the cost of another application.

How’s that for accountability?

Steve Smith