I have not forgotten the promised review of the “Mariners Final Report” that was created in response to the Gold Ribbon debacle. I’ll devote some time to it this weekend.

I must say, though, that titling it a “final” report is a bit premature. That word has a sense of bureaucratic stonewalling about it, as if to say that this is it and the district will not hold any more meetings or request any more input.

One question that the report will not answer is what to do about Swun Math. This one is not going away, no matter how hard they try to ignore it.

Stuff we’re waiting for:

  • The report from the outside investigative agency to tell us what happened at Mariners.
  • The report on the impact of the new stadium at CdM.
  • The report on redrawing the boundaries for area representation.
  • An update on our reimbursement from the contractor for the damage the caused to three schools – not to mention the disruption in the school days – by failing to protect roofs during a storm.

There’s probably more…

Steve Smith