If you attend the meeting tomorrow night, do not be bullied into limiting your questions to who will be the new principal at Cal. To answer that, we don’t need a meeting.

Costa Mesa and Newport residents, remember this: The salaries of all the district personell in attendance tomorrow night, as well as everything on the Cal El campus was paid for by YOU: Every brick, every desk, every paper clip. If you want to talk about Swun Math, then ask your question. This is your right as a parent and/or taxpayer.

As  service to readers, here’s a repeat of an important grid you will need if you go to the meeting with the superintendent tomorrow night:

Listen for this nonsense tomorrow night. If you hear it intead of plain talk, you’ll know that someone is trying to avoid the particulars of a tough subject.

If a promise is made, demand to know who is going to execute the task, the deadline, and the consequences for failing to finish on time or for doing a poor job.

Listen for stall tactics such as “We can look into that,” “Or That’s a possibility.”

In other words, don’t put with the fuzzy language. Demand straight talk.

Steve Smith

P.S. My favorite is “unpack the standards,” which is the bureaucratic replacement for “think outside the box.” I’ve always wondered what was inside the box. I guess the standards were in the box all along.