I received a copy of the letter that was sent to the “Mariners Community” by Dr. Kurt Suhr, the Executive Director of Elementary Education. In his letter, Dr. Suhr gobbles up a few squares on the Buzzword Bingo card, but that’s not what caught my eye – I expected no less from a member of this administration.

What caught my eye was the typo that Dr. Suhr either created on this letter or missed when Dr. Suhr proofed the copy. It’s not a small one, either. If this had gotten by one of the proofers I work with and was sent to a client, it would be damaging to the point where he or she would rightly question all of the other work. And if this had been something that was printed and mailed to 50,000 prospective customers, the client would have every right to demand a reprint.

Maybe Dr. Suhr didn’t write this letter or proof it and someone placed a jpg of his signature on the letter. It’s done all the time. I like to think that he did, but then, regular readers will recall that it wasn’t that many months ago that Superintendent Frederick Navarro’s weekly “DOTS” were so poorly constructed that it was an embarrassment.

Hmmm… Supt. Navarro is also Dr. Navarro.

I see a pattern…

Steve Smith