The Daily Pilot has just run a commentary by former N-MUSD Trustee Tom Egan in which Egan comes to the defense of the school board club’s decision to award Deputy Supt. Paul Reed a lot of dough in pension money, much of which was an incentive to keep Reed from retiring.

But Egan does not come to the defense of Reed – not much, anyway – choosing instead to accuse the Pilot of slanted reporting. It’s an old tactic: When you have no defense, you attack the attacker.

Egan even states, “I have no reason to doubt the truth of anything the reporters wrote.”

Egan’s decision to speak out on this issue is curious. Where was he when the disastrous Common Core scores were revealed? Where has he been in the one year-plus that John Caldecott has revealed a string of financial schemes by the school board club? And where has he been while the school board club bungles its way through the development of not one, but two athletic stadiums in the district? Or any of the other controversies that have plagued the worst administration I have seen in my 30 years in the area?

I’d really like to see Egan deliver this commentary live before a group of N-MUSD teachers who have to scratch and claw through each negotiation with a district that claims it cannot afford to pay them anymore than the crumbs they offer.

I don’t really care whether Egan weighs in on anything. But each time some shill speaks up, I wonder why the superintendent chooses to remain silent and I wonder why the members of the school board club stay mum.

Then I remember… It’s extremely poor leadership at the top. It’s what they’ve always done: Say nothing and weather the storm, which will pass eventually, even if it costs taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, as it has with Caldecott.

Reminder: Three school board club seats are up for grabs this November.

Steve Smith