I do a lot of work for a person I will call “Pat.”

Each Friday, I send Pat an update on the projects on which I have been working, as well as any recommendations I may have to improve Pat’s business.

I started the memos shortly after I started working for Pat. I started them because I need and want to make myself accountable to Pat. After all, Pat is paying me good money to help grow the business.

That’s the way it works in the real world. People are held accountable for their work, or they hold themselves accountable.

But at the N-MUSD, there is no accountability unless it is court-ordered or unless the community outcry is so great, it can’t be ignored.

Where, for example, is the update on our claim against the company that ruined classrooms in three schools and caused a major disruption in the teaching process?

Where is the website page honoring those students who chose military service over college or a job – a page we were told would be restored?

Where is the update on the conflict of interest over surveying at the Banning Ranch property?

Where are the details of the efforts to improve Common Core test scores, which we were told were in progress?

And many more.

Where are these updates? Nowhere. No one’s asking, so no one’s telling. That’s the way it works on Bear St.

If I operated this way, Pat would have cut me loose a long time ago.

I propose that the agenda at each school board club meeting include a standing item called “Updates,” at which time, taxpayers can learn of the status of their investments in the education of our children.


Steve Smith