There is a school board meeting tomorrow night at 6 p.m. but don’t run any red lights to get there on time, The first section of the meeting is yet another awards night, a feel good moment when the board and the administration need something to feel good about.

That will be followed by public comments, then the rubber stamping of whatever the administration wants the board to approve. Trustee Karen Yelsey will rubber stamp everything, even though she ran a campaign against rubber stamping.

Before the meeting, the board will meet with attorneys to discuss pending litigation. The recent lawsuit filed by two respected former employees will probably be discussed but nothing substantive will come of the meeting. The board will do as they have always done, which is to circle the wagons and keep quiet until the storm clears.

That is what passes for leadership on the school board. There is no sense of obligation or duty to taxpayers to conduct an investigation into the charges, nor is there any sense of urgency for a settlement to help reduce a growing legal bill.

You can read the agenda here:

This is an election year and three of the seats on the board are up for grabs. That may or may not inspire the board to settle the Boss/Huntington lawsuit quickly. It all depends on the recommendation of the lawyers, which they’ll probably rubber stamp, too.

Some other business…

Despite saying they would restore it, the district’s website page honoring those students who have chosen military service has not been resurrected.

The Common Core test results from last October are finally on the website. In typical fashion, they are not posted in an easily digested form, but in a chart with no explanation of what is there. Even worse is the section of the results that attempts to soften the poor results with the category “Standard Nearly Met.” To everyone else, that is still “Standard Not Met,” but in education-speak “nearly met” counts as a win.

Steve Smith