The recklessness of a school board paying someone not to retire is even more curious when we consider the case of Ann Huntington. By all measures, Huntington was an outstanding, long time district employee who according to the press release last February announcing her retirement, “has served in a leadership position in Newport Mesa since 2008.”

The release continues…

“She currently oversees the departments of student and community services, special education, and health services and serves as the District’s SELPA Director.  She is respected on a local and state level as a top special education administrator.  During her career, she has been greatly celebrated and received several commendations for her caring and innovative leadership.

“She is well known for her ‘kid first’ philosophy.  She advocates that every student should be treated as an individual.  This year, under her leadership, student and community services implemented preventative measures and strong interventions to assist students with issues that may be beyond their control.  Her team’s collective belief is that students’ educational success, physical health, mental health, social development and family and community strengths are inseparable.  ‘Our goal is to provide wrap around services to our students, said Ms. Huntington during last year’s state of the schools video presentation.'”

Wow. This person sounds like a keeper, no? But unlike Deputy Dawg Paul Reed, Huntington was not offered any money to stay out of retirement. Curious, no?

OBTW, that press release was written by Laura Boss, who quit her good paying job last year.

Hmmm… Do you see a pattern developing here?

Stay (very) tuned.

Steve Smith