I was having trouble deciding which blog post to run, then was informed last night that Trustee Vicki Snell had posted a scathing Facebook comment to my dear friend Kathy Miller about me and my blog. So, I wrote back. Here’s the exchange:

Snell wrote:

“So very disappointed that you would share/endorse this blog written by someone that continues to be a hater of our schools. Mr. Smith has been criticizing our schools for the past 15 years and never has any good solutions…only criticisms and simplifications of complex issues. His blog proves he has a very superficial understanding of how schools operate and doesn’t do his homework. Kathy…I’m speechless.”

I replied:
“Vicki, you are either grossly mistaken or you are lying: I have offered dozens of good, proven solutions to fix Costa Mesa’s schools, including posting one per week on my blog (https://stevesmith714.wordpress.com/) during my 2014 campaign. One of them, same sex schools, has just been lauded by the new superintendent of the L.A. Unified School District as ‘…one of several ways to potentially improve academic achievement.’
“I am not the bad guy. I am not the one who has failed to offer a comprehensive, strategic, long-term plan to turnaround Costa Mesa’s schools. I am not the one who has failed to address the scandalous accusations against Superintendent Frederick Navarro, who is accused of financial improprieties by the district’s former head of Human Resources, who has also accused you and your colleagues of ‘[Authorizing] attorneys representing the District to spend District funds to attempt to conceal public access to records, the Appellate Court decision ordered the District to release records and pay Caldecott’s attorney’s fees and court costs.’

“I have some news for you… You were not selected by your colleagues to fill Dave Brooks’ seat because they thought you would bring new ideas and energy to the board. You were chosen because they knew you would support decades of rubber-stamping, do-nothing policies that have kept Costa Mesa’s schools far below their potential. Congratulations.” 
And thanks for helping me decide what to write this morning!
Steve Smith