There’s a fresh story in the Daily Pilot about a change in the plans for the new football field at Costa Mesa High. The story says, “[Parents] are unhappy that team rooms for home and away football teams weren’t included in plans approved in March by the school board and that as of now there are only 1,000 planned seats.”

In other words, the board said they’d do one thing, then did another. It’s exactly what they did at Adams Elementary school. The new fence around the school was not supposed to enclose the large field adjacent to the school. That was the board’s decision. But when the community input meeting showed the fence enclosing the field, parents got mad. And when they asked how this happened, the official response was, “We changed our minds.”

Is the CMHS change fair? Katrina Foley doesn’t think so and even played the Newport Beach favoritism card in her quote. She said, “The Costa Mesa community wants to be heard and wants to be treated the same as other schools in the district. We’re not getting the same as what Corona del Mar [High School] is getting. And we have more space.”

But here’s the part that made me laugh and cry… A CMHS parent was quoted in the Pilot as saying, “Nothing was done underhandedly, we just didn’t see it.”

Steve Smith