A consistent theme in these pages is describing that what the district administration or the school board don’t say is often as important as what they do say.

The district’s website is a good example. You will not find October’s Common Core scores listed there. Why? Because the scores for Costa Mesa are embarrassing, particularly after the district made such a big stink about their “Signature Academies” and their failed attempt to get Mesa Verde parents to send their kids to Adams. Even some of the Newport scores are nothing to write home about.

I ran a search on the website for “Common Core” and “Common Core Test Results” and the only close result I could find took me to a page with links to state reporting CAASPP scores – which should have been enough – but when I clicked on that link, it took me to the results of high school exit exams. Nice.

So they don’t say anything about Common Core because it doesn’t fit neatly with the perception they perpetuate which is that everything is just fine and just leave us alone because we know what we’re doing and you don’t.

Then John Caldecott won his court case. In the OC Register story today, they reported that the district declined to make a statement.

Duh. It’s business as usual on Bear St. and some folks never learn.

So Dana Black is the new board president? Whoopee. Will she press for a review of the mishandling of the Caldecott case and make the district accountable for wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars of hard-earned taxpayer dollars? Not likely. But it’s not just Black – no one will because that is the culture on this board and it has been like this for decades.

The elections last Tuesday are a farce. Nothing changed except the nameplate.

Steve Smith