… But it’s an important day, nonetheless.

On November 19 at 9:30 a.m. in a courtroom in Santa Ana, the N-MUSD and the attorney for John Caldecott will present oral arguments for their positions.

The district wants secrecy, Caldecott wants transparency. If what Caldecott alleges is true, there could be trouble in River City when it is revealed. Big trouble. Maybe that’s why the district is spending gobs of your tax dollars resisting Caldecott’s records request.

If what Caldecott alleges is true, the school board will have to do some serious tap dancing. If Caldecott is right, they’ll have to explain why they voted unanimously to fire him without conducting an interview to hear what he has to say.

Both the Super and the board have an interest in spending lots of other people’s money – your money, actually, sorry to be the one to tell you – to drag this out for as long as possible, hoping that they either win and do not have to be held accountable, or that it will be forgotten.

What the board fails to realize is that this issue will NEVER go away and that the shortest route to resolving it would have been to comply. That would have covered them completely: Either Caldecott was right and omigosh they revealed some misbehavior and hey! we’re heroes or Caldecott was wrong and see we told you so, neener, neener.

But logic is not part of the decision-making process at the board level. That process is nothing more than rubber stamping whatever is presented to them by a staff in which they have demanded far too little accountability and have far too much faith.

Steve Smith