You can’t make this stuff up…

RECAP: 83% of the students at College Park El failed to meet the state Common Core standards for math and 80 failed to meet them for English. At Whittier El, 83% failed both.

So what is the response to the debacle at College Park? Did the admin and the board organize a summit meeting of parents, teachers, and students to get firsthand information on how to improve?


Did they contact another elementary with similar demographics that performed much better in order to find out how they did it?


Did any of the high-salaried bureaucrats contact a charter school program to discuss a possible takeover?


Did they start a kindergarten class in Chinese?


Here’s a quote from the story in today’s Daily Pilot: “From 8 a.m. to 1:05 p.m., lessons for social studies, reading, language arts and science are taught in English while reading and language arts are taught in Mandarin. Math is taught in both English and Mandarin.”

You can read the full story by clicking HERE.

So, help me with this because it’s so absurd, I have to believe I must have it wrong. 83% of the kids failed to meet the state math requirement so to boost their scores we’re going to teach them – some of the time – in Chinese.

And since 80% failed to meet the state standard in English, we’re going to teach them reading and language arts in Chinese, too.

Here’s an idea: How about focusing on basic math and reading skills taught in English BEFORE we introduce third language?

This nonsense is made even more ridiculous by board pres Martha Fluor who said at the last meeting that the poor Common Core results in Costa Mesa’s schools were due to the large numbers of English language learners in the area. One would think, based on that, that the last thing anyone would recommend is to teach those kids how to speak Chinese but that’s exactly what they’re doing.

If nothing else, these kids are gonna ace the Chinese section on next year’s Common Core tests. Oh, wait, there is no Chinese – oh, never mind.

Steve Smith