Locals were notified yesterday that the ticket sales for the 2nd annual $32 “Sorry State of the Schools” breakfast are not meeting expectations and that the deadline has been extended.

If you’re thinking about going, but are wondering why it was scheduled on a weekday morning when most of us are working or have other commitments, or if you like that the proceeds benefit the worthwhile Newport-Mesa Schools Foundation (N-MSF), please allow me to help you make your decision.

First, you can provide more help to the N-MSF by directly sending them a check for $32. That’s because out of the $32 you pay for the live event, the N-MSF recieves only a “portion.” The cost of your food and the service has to be deducted. Better to send all the dough directly.

Second, if you can’t make it because of the bad timing, don’t fret. The Super’s speech will be reported in the Daily Pilot and the Register and will eventually be posted on the district’s website.

Besides, what do you expect to hear, anyway? Do you expect to hear specifics of a plan to improve Common Core scores? You know you won’t. The Super was “encouraged” by the scores and he’s not likely to admit that about half the students in the district failed to meet the state standards.

Do you expect to hear of plans to turnaround Costa Mesa’s failing schools? Fuggedaboutit. You won’t even hear plans of a plan.

Do you expect to hear of a Plan B to attract local parents back to Adams El in Mesa Verde? (Plan A, whatever it was when it was announced last year, is a complete disaster, as evidenced by the poor Common Core results which showed that 78% of the students failed to meet the state standard in english and 67% failed to meet the state standard in math.)

You won’t hear anything except that things are good here, really they are. You’ll hear about the creation of programs and the construction of facilities but you won’t a direct line being drawn from those to improved academic performance.

Besides the breakfast will be filled with a lot of people who are feeding at the public trough and are attending more out of a sense of obligation than the chance to hear anything new and exciting. For some of those people, they would be conspicuous by their absence.

And besides, again, the breakfast just happens to be right before the Super receives his next pay raise next month. This will be his third in two years and will be rubber stamped by all the board members because, hey!, they went to the breakfast and things are really, really good here!

Really, they are! 

Save yourself some time and aggravation and truly benefit the N-MSF by making a $32 donation (or more) to them directly by clicking HERE.

But if you’re still thinking of going, remember, it’s two hours of your life that you will never get back.

Steve Smith