Where's Walto
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You’d think that with the results of Common Core showing dismal failures in several Westside schools that Trustee Walto Davenport would have issued a statement expressing his concern and reassuring taxpayers that everything is going to be OK. Something symbolic. Doesn’t even have to have any details, just something to let everyone know that’s he’s on top of things.

But you’d be wrong. Walto hasn’t contributed anything of substance (anything at all?) to the school board since he became a Trustee nine years ago. But it’s understandable because this is the same guy who said in October, 2014, “I don’t think having a long tenure on the board is something that’s negative. It gives you time to delve deeper into the issues and workings of the district.” (DP 10/18/14)

So, how much time does Walto need to delve deeper into the issue of failing Costa Mesa schools? Apparently, nine years is not enough to get over the learning curve.

Nine years and nothing. No plan, no action, no nothing. Instead, Walto has tacitly supported the promotion of kids who are not ready. And three more years of students will now get the same treatment. Walto was nowhere to be found on Costa Mesa’s Westside campaign trail last year.

So what should Walto do? Something. Anything. Even making a statement expressing some disappointment would be welcome. At least taxpayers would know that he reads the newspaper.

And speaking of the newspaper, they failed, too. They missed the story of Common Core’s utter failure in Costa Mesa and instead reported the district’s spin that about half the kids met the state standards. In doing so, Walto got a pass.

But Walto isn’t the only one responsible for the failure. Everyone – the admin and the board – contributed to the debacle by failing to understand how to turnaround a school. And ultimately, all of this is the responsibility of Supt. Navarro.

So where’s Walto? He’s at home, I suppose, doing nothing about the failing schools in his area on his watch.

Steve Smith