Adams El is located in Mesa Verde, a nice part of Costa Mesa consisting of single family homes that were built about 50 years ago, give or take. Adams was built as a neighborhood school to which kids could walk.

Over time, however, academic performance slipped to the point where a lot of parents in Mesa Verde chose to send their kids to other schools, often private ones.

About a year ago, give or take, parents in the Mesa Verde area were invited to inspect Adams, attend a meet and greet and learn all about the wonderful, exciting, and fabulous things that will happen to turn the school around and attract defecting parents.

What they were not told was that there was no substance behind the rally attempt, it was just a show.

The Common Core test results just revealed showed that 78% of the students at Adams failed to meet the state requirement in English and 67% failed to meet it in math. That’s not likely to get any locals back there anytime soon.

Since that rally, a tall, steel security fence is included in plans for the school. That, I am sure, will be reassuring to all the parents of potential students there.

So, what happens next? What is the Plan B to fix Adams? Another rally perhaps? Maybe the district will blame the poor showing on students.

This much I know: They will blame the poor results on anyone or anything except their own inability to understand how to improve performance. No one will stand up and take responsibility for this debacle because that type of leadership and accountability does not exist in the district.

Plan B? There is no Plan B.

Steve Smith