… and I saw the Common Core test results released Wednesday, I’d be furious. I’d be organizing a group of fellow agents and marching down to school district headquarters to let the bureaucrats know that these lousy scores are bad for their business.

And I’d be doing the same thing a city hall, where I’d be asking the city council what goes on at the quarterly meetings between the school board rep(s) and the city council rep(s). Clearly, they are not discussing ways to improve academic performance. I’d let these folks know that the lousy scores are bad for business.

BTW, here is a link to the scores showing just how badly the Costa Mesa schools performed (13 of the 34 listed failed to meet state standards in either math or english):


Charles Massingill knows how bad this is for business. Massingill is a Newport Harbor High grad – class of ’77 – who commented on the low scores in the Daily Pilot:  “Years ago real estate agents would use NMUSD as a plus in selling their properties. Now they have a list of all the great private schools in the area.”

So what happens to all the development on the Westside? These are condos that are being built before schools are succeeding, which leads me to believe that either the city doesn’t care because as Massingill noted, their kids will be going to private schools, or they don’t care because there won’t be any kids moving into these units. Or, maybe they just don’t care because they just don’t want to.

Better schools are good for business. Once that filters down into the minds of the right people in the city, maybe something will be done to improve the performance in Costa Mesa.

Steve Smith