OK, so we have the district’s answer as to who is going to pay for the damages at the three schools caused by the thunderstorms on Wednesday during which the air conditioning contractor failed to protect school (your) property.

The answer: You’re paying.

According to board pres Martha Fluor, an insurance claim will be filed to recoup the money from the damages.

Sorry, try again. The district did nothing wrong. The district should demand restitution from the contractor either directly or through his or her insurer.

But that won’t happen because the district doesn’t pay the insurance premiums with real money, just tax dollars. And there’s always more growing on the tree in the backyard at Bear St.

Update: I have just heard that the district will be pursuing reimbursement through the contractor’s insurance company, which is different from Fluor’s declaration in the DP: “We have insurance, so we will make sure that whatever’s been damaged can be replaced.”

This update has not been confirmed but if it’s true, it’s good news.

Steve Smith