N-MUSD Super Fred Navarro was hired three years ago on the recommendation of former Super Robert Barbot, who has since received a budget of $27,000 to coach Navarro over his first three years.

Why Barbot recommended Navarro is a mystery. As I reported a few weeks ago, his academic track record at the Lennox school district from which he was hired was mediocre at best.

So in case you were wondering about his legacy there, you should know that the Common Core test results are bad there, too. The seven schools reporting scores had a combined average of 77% who failed to meet state standards  in math and 69% who failed to meet state standards in english.

But this is the guy hand-picked to run what used to be one of the top districts in the state.

And next month, despite the catastrophic failure of Costa Mesa’s schools to meet state standards for Common Core, Supt. Navarro will receive another raise – his third in two years – while the do-nothings on the dais gush about what a great guy he is and what a good job is doing.

Kids lose. Again.

Steve Smith