I’m always happy to report good news from the school district, but I will not report the pap that is created in the form of press releases from Bear St. Those feel-good, empty documents are now the official domain of the Daily Pilot and the Register, which run them because they don’t have the staff to cover the real education news. (Interesting, though, how the papers can send staff to the opening of a new restaurant but school news is an afterthought.)

At the last board meeting, Trustee Vicki Snell asked what happened to the groundbreaking N-MUSD website page that honored those students who chose to put their lives on the line for freedom by joining the armed forces.

In one of the most embarrassing moments I’ve ever witnessed at any school board meeting, not a single member of the administration or the school board knew what she was talking about. No one could recall this wonderful recognition of some of the bravest people in Newport-Mesa.

I knew because I applauded the district loudly in a Daily Pilot column shortly after the page went up. But the armed forces salute page did not make the cut for the new website and Snell asked about.

After some off-line memory jogging, it was determined that there was indeed a page and that it would be restored. No timetable was given, but at least we have been told it will happen.

That’s good news.

Steve Smith