At last night’s board meeting Vicki Snell asked what happened to the page on the N-MUSD website that honored those local students who chose military service over college or a job.

I wondered, too.

This page was so unique among school district websites that in all my national research four years ago, which included visiting dozens of websites, I could not find any school district who honored these brave young adults with their own page.

The problem is not only that the armed forces page did not make the cut for the “new” website, the page also seemed to have slipped the minds of everyone on the board and all of the staff. Instead of being a hero for starting the long overdue process of restoring the page, Snell was left to explain just what she was talking about.

I knew what she was talking about because I gave the district a huge “attaboy” in the Daily PIlot when the page went up. You can read that here:,0,3458425.story

I’m not sure what’s worse – that the page is gone or that no one in the room remembered this wonderful way to honor the local students who chose to put their lives on the line to protect our freedom.

Either way, it’s bad. And my first reaction to the “what the hell are you talking about” looks was that no one cared or remembered because the page had nothing to do with students who chose college. The absence of the page is not an oversight. Someone in the administration made a conscious decision to take it down. That person should step forward and apologize for dishonoring these soldiers and work to restore it as soon as possible. That would be the honorable, responsible thing to do.

Like so many other wrongs that need to be righted, I will not be holding my breath waiting for it to happen.

Steve Smith