With a few exceptions, one of them being yesterday’s championship soccer game, I have not watched television in almost 22 years.

Another exception is the PBS series “Downton Abbey,” which I am now watching on DVD. In one episode, a character named “Thomas” tells another character that he is giving up, that he knows when he’s beaten and time to move on.

Thomas is a private individual. When you are a public entity such as the N-MUSD, you don’t have to admit defeat. Ever. Even when a court system may eventually prove you wrong and forces you to do what you had been resisting, you still do not have to admit defeat, and you certainly never have to apologize to taxpayers for wasting many thousands of their hard-earned dollars because you read the tea leaves incorrectly.

Nope, all you have to do is show up the next morning and collect your check. No accountability, no fear of being fired, nothing in your file, just business as usual at the trough of a taxpayer-supported bureaucracy.

Eventually, John Caldecott will have his day. Whether it is in or out of court, doesn’t really matter, but eventually, he will have his day.

In the meantime, your money goes to support lawyers who are fighting him. Every day, property owners in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa live in work in their homes or businesses and contribute to the folly that supports the lawyers for the district in the case “John Caldecott vs. Newport-Mesa Unified School District.”

I am going to give you a link to an interview I conducted with Caldecott several weeks ago. It was not available until now because we wanted to give Superintendent Fred Navarro a chance to be interviewed as well. But he has not responded to my May 21 interview request and I don’t care to wait any longer. Ordinarily, I’d ask again, but this is the second time Navarro has dragged his feet. On April 24, I asked him a simple question and got a reply 9 days later.

So, here is the link to the video. Pay attention not only to what Caldecott says, but how he says it: https://youtu.be/gMpVP5ztBYU

And if you still think the district should keep paying attorneys to fight him, I’ve got a good DVD for you to watch.

Steve Smith