… And I’m still reeling…

The N-MUSD has just announced that Michael Halt will be recommended as the new principal of Estancia High.

If you’ve been reading the news, yes, this is the same Michael Halt who was recently “sort of” fired earlier this month as the principal of San Clemente High. The “sort of” is necessary because whatever Halt did to get fired in the first place was not so egregious that the Capo school district did not offer him a job as a principal in another school.

So, the replacement for the highly respected Kirk Bauermeister is a guy who enters under a shroud of mystery. The district’s press release does not mention Halt’s recent wranglings with the Capo regime.

There are at least a couple of theories about Halt’s dismissal and sort-of reinstatement. One is that the school board heard about something Halt did that was unacceptable and sort-of terminated him without first hearing his side of the story.

The second is that whatever he is alleged to have done was cause for termination but not horrible and the district sort-of reinstated him to avoid a costly lawsuit.

Little did we know that when Halt rejected the district’s offer to serve as a principal in Capo that it was because he’d already found another job.

A couple of weeks ago, I used Halt’s story as an example for something else. You can read it here:


In that post, I questioned Halt’s behavior. I’m thinking now, however, that based on my own years of observation of the board of the N-MUSD that the Capo folks blew it and that Estancia may have landed a good principal. Time will tell, of course.

Halt’s recommendation for the job will be presented next week, at which time it will be rubber stamped by the board along with the rest of the agenda items.