Or is it Part V? Or Part VII?

Doesn’t really matter. The point is that this guy is not going away. And despite the mainstream media’s unusual and perhaps deliberate attempts to ignore him, Caldecott keeps on pressing his case. Now it appears that he has once again made progress.

For those who don’t have a clue as to who Caldecott is or what his case is all about, here is the Cliff Notes version (And for those of you who are too young to know what Cliff Notes are, well, just Google it.)

Caldecott was the former head of HR for the school district. He was fired by a 7-0 vote of the school board last January without a hearing and upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, Fred Navarro, who lives in Long Beach and is not part of our community even though you pay him well over a quarter of a million dollars in compensation.

Caldecott claims he was fired because he had uncovered evidence of financial shenanigans and was asking too many questions about them. Since his termination, he has been going to court to get the release of documents that he claims will support his position as well as show evidence of a hostile working environment.

Caldecott’s last round in court was not favorable so he did what he said all along he was going to do: He took his case to a higher authority. This time around, he won. Yesterday, the court of appeal issued an order setting the Caldecott writ petition for an “order to show cause” hearing. What that means to you and me is that the previous ruling against Caldecott has been set aside and the court is now leaning toward granting Caldecott’s writ. The school district has a week to indicate whether they want to submit additional documentation to support their case. If they so indicate, the additional documentation must be submitted within 20 days. The bottom line is that the burden of proof, so to speak, is on the district – they need to show why the writ should not be granted.

One of the school board strategies all along may be to drag this out to the summer months when parents/taxpayers are not paying nearly as much attention to school matters. That may have worked well in the past, but it won’t work this time. Thanks to the Internet, and to the growing popularity of this blog (and to Sandy Asper’s video channel, which you can access here), news does not have to wait around for someone to read it – it can now be “pushed” to a relevant audience.

Whatever happens, it will be reported here, even if the Daily Pilot and the Orange County Register fail to do so.

I tried to tell the board. Now, as the word continues to spread to a growing audience, taxpayers will be receiving a clear understanding of why John Caldecott will not go gentle into that good night.

But I will. Good night.

Steve Smith