I have in my possession photocopies of documents which show that:

1) Deputy Superintendent and CBO Paul Reed recommended that the school board approve the “third addendum” to then-Superintendent Jeff Hubbard’s evergreen contract. This addendum authorized the purchase of a “life insurance annuity” valued at $20,000. v (Note: According to my sources, there is no such product as life insurance annuity.)

2) The minutes from the board meeting of 7/8/08 during which the board approved the third addendum

2) Then-board president Martha Fluor approved the third addendum. Dated 7/8/08

So all of this happened in one day. In a matter of hours, actually.

These documents are not top secret. They were obtained through a request under the California Public Records Act.

This “life insurance annuity” was later converted to a merit pay raise in violation of education code sections 22119.2(b) and 22119.2(f).

Did Fluor know that the conversion was prohibited? Does it matter? Either she did and she signed the doc anyway, or she didn’t and all those years of experience that are supposed to matter, do not.

Either way, someone needs to step up and take ownership of this mess. But that is the responsible thing to do and I don’t expect anyone to do it.

(OBTW, should a miracle occur and someone does explain this, that person could also take a moment to explain that John Caldecott was not fired because he found out about this and started making inquiries. Unless he was…)

Steve Smith