Funny how things work sometimes.

Four days after I questioned the lack of coverage of the latest allegations from John Caldecott,the Daily Pilot ran a story on the situation by columnist Patrice Apodaca. You can read it here.

It’s too little, but it’s not too late. Allegations of the misuse of taxpayer dollars are timeless. What we have now is:

  • The possibility that there was a conspiracy misuse taxpayer dollars by converting ex-super Jeff Hubbard’s “life insurance annuity” to a merit pay raise
  • A possible attempt to cover it up by the current administration
  • The termination of someone who tried to expose it

This sounds like a lead story to me, yet, neither the Pilot nor the Register have chosen to cover it beyond Apodaca’s column. That, too, is a story.

Oh, and Sandy Asper has already covered it. See her video interview with Caldecott here: