The revelations that the school board may have approved a pension spiking scheme for ex-Supt. Jeff Hubbard is not yet either a personnel matter, or a legal matter.

So when anyone on the board or the administration is asked about it, they need to answer the questions clearly and directly, without hiding behind either of the excuses they have used for years to avoid discussing tough issues.

Someone on Bear St. needs to step up and explain the events surrounding Hubbard’s life insurance annuity and its attempted conversion to a merit pay increase. No stalling, no fudging, no nothing. If nothing illegal or improper was done, fine – just say so.

But if there is something amiss and you don’t ‘fess up clearly and distinctly, taxpayers are going to know immediately.

Ultimately, as it often does, the reaction should be to do what we tell our children to do: Be honest.