The awards scheduled to be handed out at tonight’s board meeting – and there are quite a few – will distributed starting at 4:30 and should be over by the time the regular session begins at 6 p.m.

The meeting is fairly predictable. There will be the usual opening formalities, followed by a 7-0 vote to adopt the minutes from the last meeting. Then comes the student board member and Harbor PTA reports that should touch on substantive issues but don’t. That will be followed by two or three Costa Mesans speaking in the beef box, then a series of 7-0 votes to approve all the icky, confusing stuff the staff has told the board to approve.

After that there are the usual “here’s what I’ve been doing” reports from each Trustee. Then, when it’s the superintendent’s turn to show leadership, he will decline and speak instead on some inconsequential topic without being challenged by any of the Trustees for updates on the several controversies facing the district. Then he will drive to his home in Long Beach.

Then it’s time to go home until the next meeting on May 26.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.