Twice a month, the school board meets to:

  • Unanimously approve everything that it is presented
  • Listen patiently while a few pesky citizens stand up in the beef box and give them the what for
  • Hand out a lot of awards
  • Remind everyone how involved they are in school affairs and how wonderful, fantastic and exciting everything is

One segment of each meeting includes reports by students at select district schools. For a minute or two, the students tell the board what is happening at their school, with little information that could not otherwise be gleaned from the school’s website.

What a waste. A waste of time, a waste of talent, and a waste of one of the most valuable resources at the board’s disposal: The voices of the students in our district.

In all the years I have been covering the school board, I have never heard any Trustee ask any student representative even one substantive question. Not one.

Instead, on the rare occasions when a question is asked, it is a softball.

I’d bet that most or all of these bright kids would love to engage in a meaningful dialog with the Trustees. I’d bet they would appreciate having their opinions heard on subjects such as Common Core, cheating, prom drafts, or any of the many other controversies alive in the district today. But that won’t happen because it would mean that the Trustees would have to acknowledge that there are problems in our schools.

Such an admission requires leadership and we don’t have any.

But we do have some nice awards to give away every month or so.