Earlier today, Judge Geoffrey T. Glass issued a ruling on ex N-MUSD HR head John Caldecott’s request to have 94 pages of documents made public under the California Public Records Act. The decision reads:

“The Court, having taken the above-entitled matter under submission on 4/13/15 and having fully considered the arguments of all parties, both written and oral, as well as the evidence presented, now rules as follows:

“– The court denies the writ of mandate regarding Mr. Caldecott’s request under the CPRA for a copy ofthe “Board’s response to Caldecott dated December 10, 2014 titled: ‘response to Superintendent Complaint Filed by Employee (John Caldecott)’ and ‘Email from Caldecott to all Board members dated December 11, 2014.’

“Based upon the courts in camera review, Mr. Caldecott is already in possession of the documents requested, which makes the CPRA request moot. Further, the two documents (and attachments) are directly and inextricably linked to Mr. Caldecott’s claim of a hostile and abusive work environment, which is an internal personnel matter exempt from disclosure under CPRA. This is distinguishable from BRV and similar cases, where the issue is the investigation of a claim of public malfeasance, not an investigation of a claim of hostile work environment by an employee. The court is obliged to protect both the accuser and the accused from disclosure of matters related to the claims of hostile work environment.”

So for the time being, the public will be denied the opportunity to decide whether Superintendent Fred Navarro is guilty of malfeasance.

“Fighting is in rounds. This is round one.” -Cameron Mitchell, “My Favorite Year”