On April 8, I posted this:

“Once again, what a bureaucrat doesn’t say is often as important as what he does say. In this case, the super said he would make a “recommendation” to the board. What he did not say was that they expected to hire someone by the end of April. This leads me to believe that the road map to completing the superintendent’s insulation process was drawn up awhile back and that the new Associate Superintendent, Chief Academic Officer is already working in the district. My guess: Susan Astarita.

And in the agenda for tonight’s meeting there is this:

“It is recommended that the Board of Education approve the agreement for employment dated April 28, 2015 between the Board of Education and Ms. Susan Astarita as Senior Associate Superintendent, Chief Academic Officer for a term starting May 1, 2015, and ending June 30, 2018, authorize the Board President and the Superintendent to sign the Agreement, and further authorize the Superintendent to execute the salary statement as approved.”


But it’s that word “senior”in Astarita’s title that concerns me now. That could be code for further expansion of district management, which we all know is just what we need to boost academic performance…

Steve Smith