A few weeks ago in this space, I contemplated counting the number of times I heard these words during school board meetings:

  • Fabulous
  • Amazing
  • Exciting

Well, last night, I did it. And I added the word, “wonderful.”

The results aren’t scientific because I received some very good news yesterday and my mind was wandering a couple of times. But during the time I was paying attention, here’s the score:

Fabulous – 3

Amazing – 2

Exciting – 4

Wonderful – 3

What this boils down to is that in last night’s meeting, taxpayers heard one of those four words an average of once every ten minutes.

As is often the case, however, it is what taxpayers did not hear that is just as important. Last night, they did not hear:

“We have a responsibility to taxpayers to…”

“In the interest of transparency…”

“What are the financial implications…”

“How will this improve grades and test scores?”

“No” (This would be the response when asked to vote on something like the consent calendar which contains a lot of messy, detail stuff that they know little or nothing about.)

Nope, it was just more of the same wheel-spinning and indifference toward the spending of your hard-earned tax dollars.