Some readers may recall that Rains was an excellent actor who had prominent roles in such classics as “Casablanca” and “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” For many fans, however, Rains is best remembered for his part as “Griffin,” the Invisible Man.

I thought of Griffin recently as I read the job description for the two new and, presumably, high-paying management positions posted on the district’s website. In the “Position Description” for Executive Director Education Services, Elementary, and Executive Director Education Services, Secondary, was an indication of the chain of command for the job, which read, “Under the general direction of the  Associate Superintendent, Chief Academic Officer…”

The problem that I saw was that at this time, the district does not have an Associate Superintendent, Chief Academic Officer.

So, I did what any curious and responsible citizen would do – I e-mailed out-of-town Supt. Navarro (he lives in Long Beach) on Tuesday, about 48 hours ago, and requested the name of this “Griffin” – this invisible person known as the “Associate Superintendent, Chief Academic Officer.” And I copied Trustee Martha Fluor.

I have not yet had a response from Navarro or Fluor.

Transparency is the New Black

According to my records the job postings for the positions of Executive Director Education Services, Elementary, and Executive Director Education Services, Secondary were posted last Friday, March 20. As of today, those job posts are no longer on the district’s website.  These two positions, both of which were available only to internal candidates, were on the website less than one week and less than five full business days. That’s not a lot of time to get the word out that two plum jobs are available.

So, you may wonder, why would the district post these key senior positions for only a few days? I’ve been wondering the same thing.

But wait, there’s more!

In the job description for these two positions, under Duties and Responsibilities, it reads:

“Keeps confidences and presents the truth in an appropriate and helpful manner.”

This reads to me like an attempt to close the barn door that John Caldecott has swung wide open.

And if you are old enough to remember Claude Rains, you’re old enough to remember the classic slogan/question from National Airlines, which I have modified to read, “Is this any way to run a school district?”