In my first real job after college, I spent five years working for a well-established wholesale hardware company, leaving as the vice-president. The boss was known to have mood swings and we never knew on any given day which guy was going to show up.

One day, my administrative assistant came into my office to drop off some paperwork. I asked her how “he” was and she replied, “It’s a bad day to ask for a raise.”

If you are a Newport-Mesa School District trustee or its out-of-town superintendent, you may be turning cartwheels today because they have just received two pieces of good news. Both are bad for kids, particularly the kids on Costa Mesa’s Westside, but I doubt that will cause the board or the out-of-town superintendent to change anything.

The first news is that the plans for the charter elementary school on the Westside have been suspended. This is a genuine shame because now there is no threat to the status quo there. Instead, things will revert back to normal: Elementary school teachers will continue to fail to get the support they need, and too many elementary school students will continue to be promoted without having the skills for the next grade level.

The other good news for the district is that the state has eliminated API testing as an assessment of educational progress. Instead, kids will take a new test – called Smarter Balance – based on what they have learned through Common Core. Those education establishment people in Sacramento aren’t stupid – they realized that there was a huge risk in testing Common Core kids against the API measurements and that there is no risk in ¬†testing kids on an entirely new benchmark. After all, if there is nothing to which to compare the results, there is no failure. Everyone wins!

If you work for the district, it’s a good day to ask for a raise.