The reason that the superintendent and the trustees stay out of controversy is that it is a proven method, that is, sweeping things under the rug almost always causes people to forget about what it was that made them so angry. Frankly, if I were a lightweight leader who did not care what my constituents said, I’d probably do the same thing. Instead, they rely on a few citizens to do their speaking for them.

They are taking to heart the old saying, “Never wrestle with a pig – you both get dirty but the pig likes it.”

The school board prefers to ignore controversy. That’s why they are spending your tax dollars on legal fees to prevent the disclosure of documents in John Caldecott’s whistleblower case. It’s why they have not issued any commentary on the Timothy Lai cheating scandal since he was arrested five months ago. (The statement at that time: The equivalent of ”no comment.”) And it’s why they are trying mightily to stay out of the debate on fields at Fairview Park.

If you do not like this form of lightweight leadership, you can let them know about it one of three ways:

  1. Call them

Martha Fluor: Home tel. no: 949-251-9170

Judy Franco: Home tel. no. 949-675-2603

Walt Davenport: Home tel. no. 949-645-0875

Vicki Snell: Cell no. 714-904-1253

Charlene Metoyer: Cell no. 714-313-7257

Dana Black: Cell no. 714-390-8247

Karen Yelsey: Home tel. no. 949-640-9591

  1. E-mail them:

Martha Fluor:

Judy Franco:

Walt Davenport:

Vicki Snell:

Charlene Metoyer:

Dana Black:

Karen Yelsey:

  1. Speak at board meetings

Held every second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. at 2985 Bear St., Costa Mesa, 92626. The phone number there is (714) 524-5000.

If you don’t speak up, just expect more of the same.

Steve Smith