“Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence.” – Robert Kennedy, 1966

The mystery behind the termination of John Caldecott is revealed, somewhat, in an interview with Sandy Asper. The link is at the end of this post and I encourage you to watch the entire segment – all 27 minutes of it. The last few minutes provide some of the most important responses.

What you will see and hear includes:

– Details on Caldecott’s Whistleblower Protection claim

– More information on the activities of the superintendent that Caldecott questioned

– Why he believes he was fired

– And more…

Yes, I could provide you with a summary of all of this, but there is much to be gained from watching Caldecott respond to Asper’s questions. You’ll understand when you see it.

I will say this: Caldecott’s charges include some monetary issues. In other words, he is claiming impropriety involving your tax dollars and that, readers, is a cause for great concern.

There are also charges of a “hostile, abusive working environment.”

I do want to comment on this quote from the interview: “[The superintendent] decided to cut my career short and pay me out at a substantial cost to the district…”

The following point may seem picayune, but it’s not. The reality is that Supt. Frederick Navarro did not cut Caldecott’s career short and choose to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. The super does not have that power. All he did was recommend those actions to the board. The folks who voted unanimously to cut Caldecott’s career short and to spend about $300,000 of your tax dollars are your Trustees: Martha Fluor, Judy Franco, Walt Davenport, Charlene Metoyer, Vicki Snell, Dana Black and Karen Yelsey.

And “the district” to which he is referring: You own it – not the board, not the super: You.

They’re my Trustees, too, I know, but I don’t really trust them.


Thanks for reading.

Steve Smith