Still unanswered is the question I raised a few weeks ago and which someone brought up at last night’s school board meeting.

The physical layouts of Adams Elementary in Costa Mesa and Anderson Elementary have a lot in common. From the air, they are almost identical. Both have about the same number of buildings and about the same square footage. Both have a large, grassy field adjacent to the classrooms. Both are in nice neighborhoods.

At Anderson, the new 6′ fence does not enclose the field. At Adams, the fence encloses the field.

It would be better to have the Adams field open and accessible, the way it is being done at Anderson. Had that been the board’s decision from the first vote, there would not have been any protests.

But the Adams field IS being enclosed, leading some folks to think this is yet another example of the favoritism shown to Newport Schools. But it’s a moot point because Superintendent Navarro has just told MV residents that he is not listening to any more discussions about school fences.

(Unless they are in Newport Beach)