…Or just throwing the dogs a bone?

There was at least one bright spot at the Adams fence meeting. Jim Lamond was showing everyone how an alternate proposed position of the new fence would result in an additional $70-80,000 (going from memory there,  so I could be a little short or long), Lamond used the term “taxpayer dollars.”

That, folks, is a breakthrough. And regardless of whether we agree on the position, height or style of the new fence, it is refreshing to see someone in the district publicly acknowledging that the money that funds EVERYTHING in the district is paid for by the tax dollars of hard-working Americans.

Here’s hoping that Lamond’s colleagues follow his example and start to scrutinize every bid, every invoice and every current way of doing things to see if there is taxpayer money to be saved.

Here is a simple start: Exchange those wasteful annual fee credit cards with ones that have no annual fees – the way many of us do.