John Caldecott has posted a letter on the Facebook page of the Newport-Mesa Federation of Teachers that is worth reading. You can find it here:

To recap… Last October, Caldecott reported what he believed was unethical behavior by the superintendent and the school board. Last month, the superintendent recommended his termination, which was approved unanimously by the school board.

The questions that remain unanswered are:

1) Is Caldecott’s termination a case of whistleblower retaliation?

2) If the school board has nothing to hide, why did they break protocol when announcing Caldecott’s termination?

3) If Caldecott’s accusations against the superintendent and the board are false, why haven’t they come right out and said so?

In the meantime, the school board is spending more of your hard-earned tax dollars fighting a legal action that seeks to reveal the specifics of Caldecott’s claims.