In an effort to make an end run around the pending charter school on Costa Mesa’s Westside, the school board is creating two dual language immersion kindergarten classrooms.

At Whittier, the dual language will be English-Spanish, while over at College Park, it will be English-Mandarin.

The single classrooms at each school are being promoted as an “Academy,” but they are not an academy – they are classes. One each, to be exact, in each school.

So what happens to the kids who learn a little Mandarin at age five? Nothing. Apparently, there are no plans for more Mandarin instruction after the initial class.

So why teach this way in the first place? There is no solid academic precedent for this style of academy, so my conclusion is that it’s a pre-emptive effort to stop the creation of a long overdue charter school.

This is not an academy. An academy is a complete program with classrooms for multiple grades, a supporting curriculum for those grades, and the continuity that is required to make it successful.