When she ran for a school board seat in 2006, board member Karen Yelsey was quoted in the Daily Pilot as saying: “I think there are a lot of issues, but basically we need new voices. We need to be more than a rubber stamp, meaning we need some fiscal oversight and accountability that has not been there.”

During my campaign last year, however, there was a strong defense from the board that they do not rubber stamp.

So, is the board really just rubber stamping everything the way Yelsey accused in 2006, or is their substantive discussion and thoughtful dissension on the board?

The answer is that they are rubber stamps.

Last night’s school board meeting was further proof that this board has no desire to stick their collective necks out and question ANYTHING. Last night, not a single item from the extensive list of consent items was pulled for discussion. In other words, folks, they rubber stamped a lot of issues and a lot of your tax dollars.

I don’t mind reading 7-0, but I prefer that it is the final score of an exciting football game and not the only tally that ever comes out of every meeting of the current school board.