…Or any other local source.

Two weeks ago, the California Dept. of Education revealed its list of the state’s worst schools. Four schools in our district made the list: College Park, Rea, Whittier and Wilson.

But you won’t find that information on the district’s website and you haven’t read it in the Daily Pilot. You read it here first. Why? Because it’s not really news and very few people really care.

No, it’s not really news: I have been reporting on underperforming N-MUSD schools for years. Has the district ever publicly acknowledged that there are failing schools here? No. Have they held any community meetings to determine what it will take to turn these schools around? No. Have they held serious, meaningful workshops with teachers to try to find a solution? No. Have they hired school turnaround specialists to help solve the problem? No.

The school district has not done any of these things because they just don’t care. And please don’t write me and tell me they do, because they don’t. If they really cared, I wouldn’t have material for this post today. Talk is cheap, action is priceless.

Instead, the district is hosting a series of public relations meetings to discuss the design of fences they’ve already decided we need, to explain a confusing new education program they’ve already adpoted, to hear the Superintendent tell you how great things are, to beg parents in the Estancia Zone to send their kids to the schools there, to explain a solar energy program they’ve already approved, and more time wasters.

Want some more bad news? There are four schools in the district that qualify for intervention under the state’s Parent Empowerment (aka Trigger) Act. They are: Wilson, Rea, Pomona and Whittier.

Want some good news? When the state issued it’s “1,000” rankings four years ago, there were six schools on the list, now there are four.

But something tells me you won’t find this good news on the district’s website, either.