Recap: The school district is hosting a series of three meetings for taxpayers to weigh in on the design of the fences to be erected around Victoria, Andersen and Adams elementary schools.

Last night’s fence meeting at Adams was a hoot. Among other fireworks:

1) District representatives admitted that they accepted residents’ proposal for the fence layout, then changed their minds and did what they wanted anyway. “Yes, we did change our minds,” is the quote.

2) One member of the audience took over the meeting, including the speaker’s laser pointer to show how it should be done.

3) Members of the audience were repeatedly talking over the speaker and each other, to the point where a district rep had to intervene.

4) Board member Martha Fluor threatened to stop the meeting unless everyone behaved.

5) The four proposed fence designs looked so similar and so ugly that there was actually support for a chain link style.

There was no introduction to set expectations and no agenda. When that happens, you get the chaos I saw last night.

Your tax dollars at waste.