In a previous post, I told the almost unbelievable story of the school board meeting of August 26, during which the six Trustees who were present voted to approve a budget for the fiscal year 1914-15 instead of 2014-15. Short and sweet: The motion to approve the budget was misstated by Trustee Judy Franco and I seem to be the only person present that evening who noticed it.

On September 25, after reviewing the video archive of the meeting to make sure I was not losing my mind, I e-mailed Supt. Navarro and board president Karen Yelsey about the error, which could have led to serious consequences if it were not corrected. I let them know that I had consulted a certified parliamentarian who wrote that the fix is simple and he even gave me the language to use, which I passed on to them.

Supt. Navarro wrote back immediately that he would check into it. I never heard from Yelsey.

At the board meeting of October, 14, this item appeared on the agenda:

a. Approve Correction of Motion to Approve 2014-15 Budget, Item 20d, From the August 26, 2014 Board Agenda   

It is listed as item no. 25, which is the last action item before each board member gets a turn to speak.

That item is the correction of the botched motion from August 26.

I’m not looking for anyone to pin a medal on me or erect a statue. But I think it would have been appropriate for someone in the district to respond with some sort of acknowledgment that I had saved them from some potential (and unprecedented) legal challenges to their authority to govern the district.

What I will accept in lieu of that is the insight I have gained into the attitudes and behavior of at least two leaders in our school district.

As your board member, I will make this promise: I don’t care where a good idea comes from. If it helps academic performance or reduces waste, the person who proposes it will have my thanks.