The school district has produced a flyer inviting people to an “Information Night” at Estancia High School on Nov. 6.

The flyer lists the attributes of 5 Westside schools that will be touted that evening and is an effort to get parents to send their kids to these schools. What it really is, however, is a feeble attempt to shore up the candidacy of my opponent.


1) There is no mention of Rea, Whittier, Wilson and Pomona schools, all of which have been underperforming for years. (And for the record, the academic performance of these schools is not a reflection on the excellent teachers there. It is a reflection of the lack of will on the school board.) Why is there no mention? Because like so many other issues, the district would like to sweep them under the rug.

2) When describing the evening and the schools to be discussed, the word “focus” is in bold italics prior to the listing of the schools. That’s the district’s way of saying, “We don’t want to discuss those other schools.”

3) The timing is highly suspect. An information night to lure straying parents back to local schools in November? Give me a break. No parent is going to change schools until next September. This event should have been held in early summer.

4) The actual benchmarks of academic performance listed on the flyer could fit on the head of a pin. Most of the rest is fluff.

5) The flyer lists all the attributes of all the schools they want to promote. After reading it, there is really no reason to attend the evening. But, that wasn’t the purpose of the flyer, was it?

I dislike having my intelligence insulted this way, and I know you do, too, because you have told me. If nothing else, the district now knows that there is at least one person who sees through their campaign propaganda.