On October 8, I participated in a candidate forum with five other people vying for seats on the school board.

During the 2.5 hours of questions and answers, I used the travel and conference budget as an example of wasteful spending. These days, conference contents are available online for a fee that is usually far less than conference registration. The benefits of accessing online conference content include:

1) Greatly reduced cost to taxpayers with no reduction in available conference content

2) One-on-one access to speakers instead of getting a couple of minutes after a presentation

3) Board members and staff stay home, reducing time away from the job and strengthening families

This is an easy call. But when I mentioned the budget savings at the candidate forum, my opponent called the money “a drop in the bucket.”

This cavalier attitude toward your hard-earned tax dollars was no surprise to me and I am glad my opponent revealed her true position before the election. You see, I don’t think it’s a drop in the bucket and I don’t care whether it’s ten dollars or ten million. Every paper clip, every stapler, every desk, was paid for by hard-working taxpayers. It is the responsibility of the school board to ensure that every cent is spent with the respect it deserves.